Keywest Lights Inc. warrants each LED lighting product and accessory to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period that depends on application use: For up to 12 hours a day the warranty is either five (5) years, three (3) years, two (2) years or one (1) year depending on the product. For over 12 hours a day the warranty is either three (3) years, two (2) years or one (1) year depending on the product. (See individual Product Sheets or List Price Sheet for respective warranty period.) The warranty period begins from the purchase date on the Keywest Lights Inc. invoice for each respective product.
If a Keywest Lights Inc. lighting product fails to operate for the warranty period, Keywest Lights Inc. will provide a free replacement of the failed product in accordance with Terms and Conditions set forth below.

WARRANTY SERVICE CLAIMS: Keywest Lights Inc. must issue a RGA number for all requests for warranty review. To make a warranty claim, notify Keywest Lights Inc. within thirty (30) days of the failure.

RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PRODUCT: After contacting and receiving a RMA number, the purchaser/user shall promptly return the product after receiving instructions regarding if, when and where to ship the product. Product must be returned within 10 days of receiving the RMA number and authorization. Shipping box must be clearly marked with RMA number. Failure to follow this procedure shall void this warranty. Keywest Lights Inc. reserves the right to examine all claimed defective lighting products to determine the cause of failure and patterns of usage, and reserves the right to be the sole judge as to whether any Keywest Lights Inc. lighting products are in fact defective and covered under this warranty.

LIMITS OF LIABILITY: The foregoing shall constitute the exclusive remedy of the purchases and the sole liability of Keywest Lights Inc. for our lighting products. IN PARTICULAR, NO WARRANTY OR MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS MADE OR IMPLIED. In no event shall Keywest Lights Inc. be liable for any other costs or damages, including lost profits or revenues, incidental, special or consequential damages.
This limited warranty only applies when Keywest Lights Inc. lighting products are properly wired and installed; are operated within the electrical values shown on Keywest Lights Inc. lighting product labels; and used in situations approved for the application and in the environmental conditions (temperature and humidity) within the normal specified operating range of the lighting products.

This warranty does not apply to any acts of God or as a result of any abuse, misuse, abnormal use or use in violation of applicable standard, code or instructions for use in installations including those contained in the latest National Electrical Code (NEC), the Standards for Safety of Underwriters Laboratory, Inc.
(UL), Standards for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), in Canada, the Canadian Standards
Association (CSA), Europe (CE), Australia (C-Tick). This warranty will not apply in the event of conditions
demonstrating abnormal use or stress, including under/over voltage conditions including power surges,
excessive switching cycles and operating hours and operation at an ambient temperature higher than 45
degrees C (113 degrees F) lasting greater than 10 hours. Some states do not allow exclusion of incidental
or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty
gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
Revised 2/4/2011